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It's all about first impressions

Visit our door design tool below

It's more than just a door, it's a focal point of your home. 

  • It's the backdrop to the arrival of guests and loved ones.

  • It's meant to serve as your home's defence against intrusion from any harsh temperatures, critters and unwanted guests.

  • It's an all-important first impression zone for potential home buyers.

That's why Kehl doors offer high-grade durability with stylish looks that last.


Choose the glass

There are numerous options when you buy Kehl: traditional grill, internal mini blinds, art glass or wrought iron.

All of our decorative glass captures light and beautifully diffuses it into your home.

How it works

Select a door panel style and colour

The materials, the colour, the style - you decide. Select between smooth skin HD steel, dent resistant fibreglass that looks like real wood, and more. Then choose your colour from a variety of palettes or use our new door generator to see some potential colour choices.

Confirm Measurements

Kehl doors are custom-made to the exact measurements of your door opening.  Stock doors won't compare to the visual precision and energy efficiency of our doors which offer an impeccable balance of strength and stunning first impressions.

It's all about first impressions. So let's get started! 
Design and save your customised door to be reviewed with Kehl for a quote! 
(Be sure to save your design)

Contact Kehl for a free estimate and in-home 

evaluation on the door you designed!  

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