When Should you Replace Your Windows?

Annoying air leaks, foggy glass, out dated colour or style are just a few reasons you may want to replace your windows. In some cases it is possible to breathe new life into old windows as shown in the table below.  However, when windows are truly past their prime and problems related to comfort, efficiency, sound-proofing or esthetics pile up, replacing your windows becomes the only option. It is important to keep in mind that this investment is good for your home, improving its market value and your overall well being!

See the list of common window concerns below to determine if your windows have the characteristics of those that need replacing.

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Common Window Concerns

It might be time for an upgrade just based on appearance. Other upgrades of a home's interior or exterior might require windows that match and tie in the new look and feel.

Outdated/Mismatched Style

Hardware can become too challenging to repair or replace. Sometimes due to product changes at the manufacturer level affecting your ability to find replacement parts, or because the damage is so beyond repair that the window does not function to its potential.

Obsolete/Damaged Hardware

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