Which Material is Right for My Home? 

PVC, Aluminum or Wood? The choice of the window profile material will not only depend on the architectural style of your home, but on the desired level of performance (i.e. comfort). Below are the characteristics of the three main materials available on the market.

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  • Very durable material

  • Best quality:price ratio

  • Very popular

  • Strong

  • Unmatched thermal performance

  • Easy to maintain

  • Comes in hybrid combinations

  • Expensive material

  • Strong and very resistant

  • Easy maintenence

  • Thin profiles for improved luminosity

  • Modern contemporary look

  • Mostly commercial use

  • Expensive material

  • Good thermal performance

  • Vulnerable to harsh weather and humidity

  • Regular maintenance required    (stain, paint, finish)

  • Warm and authentic

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