How Do I Choose a Window & Door Company?

January 7, 2017

It is definitely a buyer beware market out there. Your best choice is the referral market from your friends and neighbours. Any reputable company should belong to a professional association. That means agreements must be signed and memberships must be paid. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a good source of information.


Tips To Choosing a Great Company!


 1.  How many years has the company been in business?


 2.  Does the business have an in-house certified installation team (CSA)?


 3.  Is there a product and installation warranty?


 4.  What is the quality of the post-sale service?


 5.  Does the company belong to a number of professional associations and memberships are in        good standing?

 6.  Manufacture direct? Ask for proof!


 7.  Watch out for gimmicks such as free installs. No one gives anything away!


 8.  Does the company give the same price at 25% off or 40% off? Watch out for disclaimers such       as, "applies to new customers only".


 9.  Also be wary of the "I'm your friend attitude." It's a business deal. Remember the old saying,         "don't do business with friends."


10.  GET IT IN WRITING - a detailed quote and contract, not a price written on a business card! 


11.  Does the company bear the family name?


12.  Referrals are always the best! 

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