Kehl Windows and Doors
Kehl Windows and Doors
When you buy from Kehl, you buy directly from the factory.

What Must I Look for in a Quality Finish?

Once you have selected the material, you can now choose a finish that will enhance the style of your window frames.

White or Beige (Tan) PVC

  • Solid Extruded Colour

  • Cost Effective

  • No Visible Dirt and Pollutants

  • Solid Beige In and Out

Painted PVC
  • Variety of Colours

  • UV and Weather Resistant

  • Note: Darker Colours will Retain Heat.

Hybrid Frame PVC / Wood
  • Perfect Combination of Wood and PVC

  • Any Wood Interior Selection

  • Comes Pre-Finished

Double Nature PVC

  • Most Realistic Appearance of Wood

  • Texture Applicable In or Out

  • Innovated Solution (Patented)

  • Cost Effective Solution to Aluminum

  • Exclusive to Kehl Windows

Laminated PVC

  • Covered with Applied Laminate

  • More Expensive

  • Maintenance Free

  • Looks like Plastic Wood

Hybrid Frame Aluminum / PVC

  • Perfect combination of Aluminum and PVC

  • Very Expensive

  • Very Heavy

  • Very Strong