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Glass / Pane Options

Double glazed, triple glazed, filled with inert gas (argon), or applied film are just some of the choices you can choose from. There are plenty of options available to ensure energy performance, comfort, sound-proofing and ultimately, your satisfaction!

Double or Triple Glazing

Compared to double-glazed, a triple-glazed window is heavier, more expensive and costs more to transport and install. However, it provides superior results at every level. Triple-glazed windows will produce better thermal performance in colder climates and a higher temperature between glazing for optimal comfort and improved sound proofing.

That said, a study performed by the Dept. of Energy’s Pacific Northwest laboratory revealed that it would take anywhere between 23 to 55 years of energy savings to recoup the extra cost of installing triple-glazed windows. Since double glazing offers nearly the same advantages, it is a very popular product, working incredibly effectively in the Southern Ontario region due to our unique climate.

With or Without Inert Gas

The gap between the glazing can be filled with inert gas, like argon. Since the gas will take up all, or nearly all, the internal chamber's space, it will prevent the movement of air. Moreover, since these gases are less conductive than air, they improve thermal insulation and reduce condensation.

Plus any Energy Star certified window has to have inert gas.

Low-E Film

Low-E Film is low emission, invisible, metallic film is applied to glass. In the winter, it reduces the heat loss by keeping the light that is reflected off the walls and house hold objects in doors. In the summer, it does the opposite, it keeps the low rays of the sun outside. There by preventing this heat from entering the home. Low E glass is also mandatory for Energy star compliance.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass increases intimacy without obstructing the view. It doesn't affect visibility from inside the home, but greatly reduces the thermal gains of the window, which affects its energy performance.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is glass whose surface has been sandblasted or etched with acid to give it a satin look.

Even though it remains translucent, it can produce an attractive look. Decorative glass come in many styles.

Grids or Muntin Bars

The advantage of grids is purely aesthetic because they reduce visibility as well as affect the energy performance of the window.

What's Between the Glass is Important Too!

Kehl's commitment to making the best energy efficient window also includes what goes between the glass. We use the Super Spacer®, a non-metalic spacer that assists with your windows efficiency. Contact us to learn how Super Spacer® out performs other inserts!