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How Important is Window Insulation?

ENERGY STAR, R Value, U Value, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient - insulation is essential. Insulation ensures your window is operating at its best performance. It helps reduce energy consumption (and energy bills), improves air quality and increases comfort on a daily basis.

The R-Value is the resistance of a given material to thermal transmission. The higher it is, the better. The insulation specialist will often refer to the R-value and how it is an important number. Please note that a typical wall gets a R-25 rating, whereas an excellent window gets a R-5 rating. R-Value should not be your sole criterion.

The U-Value indicates the heat transfer rate. This is calculated by inverting the R-value 1/R. The lower it is the better insulation.

The ER Coefficient or Energy Rating (ER) calculation is based on the heat transfer U-Value, solar heat gain and air leakage. The higher the ER, the better the energy performance. ER value is the most accurate form of measurement for thermal performance of a window. A customer should always be looking for the Energy Star label that is placed on the most efficient products.

ENERGY STAR® Certification is a voluntary certification obtained by manufacturers. ENERGY STAR® certification is proof that a product is eco-energetic and that its insulation quality has been attested by an independent expert. There are products on the market today that offer excellent energy performance but are not ENERGY STAR® certified. It is up to the Consumer to inquire if their windows are ENERGY STAR®  certified.

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Other label certifications should include permanent stickers such as the Gold Seal Label for ENERGY STAR®

Canada signifying the most efficient window, as well as a temporary label as required by the Building Code. 

Another great way to enjoy the maximum energy benefits from your windows is insulated frames. 

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