Kehl Windows and Doors
Kehl Windows and Doors
When you buy from Kehl, you buy directly from the factory.

Pay Close Attention to the Warranty!

What is covered and for how long? When an installation is done incorrectly, you will generally realize it within the first two years. Therefore, focus on the early life part of the warranty and don't let yourself be swayed by the term "lifetime". This term is very promising, but it doesn't protect you from exclusions.

Are there travelling costs? Are there special limits? Is the warranty only covered by the manufacturer? Is the warranty transferable? These features offer immediate peace of mind, while appealing to potential home buyers when selling.

At Kehl Windows and Doors, we are the manufacturer and certified installer. Every item supplied in your project is covered by our warranty, even glass breakage! How can we offer this in our warranty? We produce locally in Harrow, Ontario. 

It is important to make sure your window supplier warranties their products and their installation.

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