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Why Windows are a Good Home Financing Investment

2020-06-27 11:24 AM Comment(s) By RICHARD KEHL

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According to Canadian Mortgages Inc., replacing your windows can lead to a 50 - 75% return on investment (ROI). That fact may get your mind flowing with ideas of how, why and when to upgrade your home's windows so you can benefit from this high ROI. We don't blame you, windows are not only a good investment, but are sometimes completely necessary to keep your home looking great and functioning efficiently.

In this article, we'll discuss the home refinancing options you may have available to bolster window renovations. Part two of this article will follow with reasons to make window upgrades happen sooner rather than later.


Home financing is a resource utilised for a wide variety of reasons, such as lowing monthly payments, changing terms of debt repayment and potentially lower interest rates. Whether you're considering refinancing to reap those benefits or not, you may be eligible for funds to support renovation projects.

A secured line of credit or home equity loan gives you the option to look at the amount of available equity your home has accrued and have it factored in to your home's overall value. Generally, you're able to take out up to 80% of this total value. To be considered with this option is the potential home appraisal and legal fees which may be involved. To pay back the amount lent, there are a number of ways, including increasing your monthly payments or paying off the amount upon sale of the home, but these various options are best discussed with your lender. This option may be best for you if: You have owned your home long enough to have gained the amount of value required for the loan to sensibly cover your renovations, or if you have already done other types of upgrades that have added value. 

Mortgage refinancing funds renovations in a way that spreads your repayment over a long period at mortgage interest rates; rates which are lower than most credit cards. This options is typically discussed at mortgage renewal time, but can be brought up anytime. This option may be best for you if: You would prefer a loan with a lower interest rate than a credit card, ability to pay off over more time as a cost included in your mortgage payments, and to fund more of the project without the cap of a credit card's spending and payback limitations.

A personal line of credit is another popular choice. It also offers a lower interest rate than credit cards and only accrues interest onto funds used each month. As you pay off your balance, you can generally access remaining funds up to your line of credit's limit, without having to reapply. This option may be best for you if: You plan on long-term renovations where you'd like to be able to access funds anytime and have spending tracked by a monthly statement.

We hope that you may use this information as a tool in discerning home financing options for renovations that may well suit your situation. Deciding which type of financing is the best method is up to you and we recommend you speak to your lender about your options before making a final decision. 

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